Didn’t see that one coming

8. März 2010

I won’t talk much about it. It has already been discussed to no end everywhere.

Ubisoft’s DRM servers are or were down for quite some time. Ten hours as of now. That is quite some time you could put into a game on a weekend. There is outrage in the forums. No surprise here.

But seriously, what did you expect? It’s not like servers crashing or websites being unavailable is something that has never occurred before. And to be honest, whoever bought a game with such an abominable DRM has no one to blame but himself. Everyone saw it coming even before Assassin’s Creed 2 was released.

So what’s the outrage all about? Everyone complaining already gave up all his rights before he even started the game for the first time. He never owned it, he was allowed to play. He never had a right to play, it had been an act of mercy on Ubisoft’s behalf since day one. Whoever bought this game brought it upon himself. A game with this DRM never deserved a single sale, so in my opinion: Every legit customer just got what he deserved.

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